Roll with Flextro's bestselling 2+1 bowling roller bag

Roll with Flextro's bestselling 2+1 bowling roller bag

Every Bowling ball player deserves a quality bowling roller bag to transport their bowling gear. Flextro is a leading provider of stylish, functional bags that are easy to load and unload in the car. A bowling ball design must meet the needs of bowlers of all skill levels and give the highest performance for the longest time. In this blog, we will explore a bowling ball with all these features and more.

What is a 2+1 bowling ball bag?

Before we discuss anything, you might be wondering what a 2+1 bowling ball bag is, and if it can hold three balls, why are we not calling it a 3-ball bowling bag?

A 2+1 bowling ball bag is a combination of two bags. One bag has rolling wheels and storage space for 2 balls, and the second bag has a single ball carrying capacity. The smaller bag can be towed to the bigger bag at the handle, giving it the appearance of three balls in a row.

Why roll a Flextro bowling ball bag with wheels?

It adapts to your needs: The players can carry bowling ball bags in different styles as per their convenience. They can carry a single ball in a small bag, two balls in a bigger bag, and three balls by towing both bags together. A single ball bag is a game changer as it can be used to carry an extra ball or other accessories as per the players' requirements.

Comfortable rolling: Flextro bags are equipped with extra-large wheels at the right position for smooth rolling. The bag rolls perfectly on walkways, roads, thick carpets, and challenging terrains. The wheels have perfect weight resistance and can comfortably carry the heavy weight of bowling balls.

It provides effortless transportation: A 2+1 bowling ball bag requires less effort to transport. You can store both bags in the car boot and tow them back when you need to roll them on the walkway or alley. The bag offers convenience during loading, unloading, and transportation.

Get a promise of high performance and durability:

When you invest in our bowling roller bag, you're getting convenience and style, as well as a promise of high performance and durability.

Quality material: Quality is at the core of Flextro's bag designs. Every component of our bowling roller bags, from the zippers to the wheels, is crafted from the best materials. These materials are chosen for their high strength and weight resistance to meet a player's rough and tough ball-carrying needs.

Functional design: Flextro's bags are designed with functionality in mind. The compartments are intelligently organized to accommodate your bowling gear, including balls, shoes, and accessories, with ease. The extending handle is designed to drag the bag comfortably, and the wheels are strategically placed for smooth rolling on any surface, whether it's a walkway or an alley.

Professional stitching: What sets us apart is our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Every bag is perfectly stitched with professional precision, leaving no loose ends or weak points. This attention to detail ensures that your bowling roller bag will not only perform exceptionally well but also maintain a long life for years to come.


Whether you are a bowling beginner, a tournament player, or a coach, you need to have a bag that makes you look stylish. A 2-ball bowling bag with a bonus single-ball bag is a versatile and unique choice that will create a statement.

At Flextro, we offer to help you with a premium quality bowling roller bag with a risk-free 60-day guarantee. To carry your balls and accessories safely, buy our 2+1 bowling ball bag now!

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FAQs about Flextro's 2+1 Bowling Roller Bag

Q1. What exactly is a 2+1 bowling ball bag?

A 2+1 bowling ball bag combines two bags: one with wheels and space for two balls, and a smaller one for a single ball. The smaller bag can be attached to the larger one, giving the appearance of three balls in a row.

Q2. Why choose a Flextro bowling ball bag with wheels?

Our bags offer adaptability to your needs, comfortable rolling with extra-large wheels, and effortless transportation. Whether it's on walkways, roads, or challenging terrains, our bags provide convenience during loading, unloading, and transport.

Q3.What quality standards does Flextro maintain?

Flextro prioritizes high-performance and durability. Our bags are crafted from top-quality materials chosen for their strength and weight resistance. Professional stitching ensures long-lasting reliability, and our functional design intelligently organizes your bowling gear for ease of use.

Q4. Who can benefit from Flextro's 2+1 bowling roller bag?

Whether you're a beginner, a tournament player, or a coach, our versatile and stylish bag meets your needs. Its unique 2+1 design makes a statement while providing practicality and convenience.

Q5.What assurance does Flextro offer with its bowling roller bag?

We offer a risk-free 60-day guarantee with our premium quality bowling roller bag. Invest in convenience, style, and high performance with Flextro's 2+1 bowling ball bag.

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