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Bowling Ball Bags For Lifetime

We present you with our 2 bowling ball bags with wheels, which comes with a small bag with a single bowling ball capacity. We designed this set of bags to keep your comfort and needs as a priority. Carry your style down the lane with our striking bowling bags!

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  • Risk-Free 60 Days Guarantee

Superior Design Elements

The double bowling ball bag with wheels has broad, resilient straps to firmly anchor the balls without showing any bulge. The design includes spacious zippered pockets for storing your bowling shoes and other equipment. The bag offers a stylish appearance without compromising durability and gear protection.

Extending Long Handle

Carrying two bowling balls was never this easy! When you extend the handle to roll the bag, you will experience a smooth walk. Our retractable handle bowling ball contains a strong handle that can be extended and closed. So, you can pull the handle and effortlessly carry two bowling balls on long walks. Additionally, you can stand the bag on its side, as we have given it a strong and secure stand.

Tough Big Wheels

Our tough, big wheels are positioned at strategic heights to conquer even the most challenging terrains. Thanks to their exceptional strength, you can roll the 2-ball bowling bag with wheels effortlessly through parking lots, sidewalks, and even thick carpets without any hitches. Your journey to the game will be hassle-free with these ultra-durable wheels.

Complementing Bowling Ball Bags

Flextro offers you the choice of bags to carry your bowling bags. The combo of two-ball bowling bags with wheels plus a small single-ball bag is perfect for carrying one to three balls at a time. You can carry a single bowling ball in a small bag and go for a bigger bag to carry two balls. And if you want to carry three bowling balls on those significant matches, you can tow the smaller bag to the larger one on top and have a smooth journey.

Whether you're an individual bowler, a pair, or part of a bowling-loving family, you'll leave a lasting impression on your bowling team and fellow league members.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Flextro bowling bags different from other brands?

Our bags stand out due to their quality of material, superior design, and strong straps and wheels. Our 2-ball bowling bag with wheels is spacious and fits multiple accessories so that the player doesn't have to carry another bag.

Can I store my apparel and accessories in the bowling ball bag?

Yes! Our bags are designed with versatility in mind. You can fit bowling balls, shoes, apparel, and water bottles inside the bag.

Are Flextro bowling bags suitable for professional bowlers?

Absolutely! From a professional bowler to a beginner, our bags meet everyone's needs. Our Bowling bags have good storage space, quality wheels, and strong straps to meet the wear of tournaments and regular practice session journeys.

How do I clean and maintain my bowling bag?

You can use simple cleaning methods, such as dusting, washing with a damp cloth, or washing with mild soap. Please do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the bag.

What warranty does Flextro offer on its bowling bags?

We offer a one-year warranty on our bags. The warranty covers defects in the bag material and workmanship. However, the warranty doesn't cover accidental damages or misuse of the bag.