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FLEXTRO 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels PLUS Single Ball Bowling Bag

FLEXTRO 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels PLUS Single Ball Bowling Bag

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Exceptional Design Features

The Double bowling ball bag contains a wide ball holder made with durable straps to securely anchor your balls in place. Moreover, the bag has spacious zippered compartments for your bowling shoes and equipment. Sturdy top straps offer added convenience when loading the bag into your vehicle or ascending stairs. The extra-large, robust zippers keep everything neatly organized.

Adapt To Your Needs

Transport a single ball, effortlessly roll two, or tackle the big game with three balls in tow. Whether you're an individual bowler or part of a bowling-loving family, you'll leave a lasting impression on your team and league members with our stylish bowling ball bags.

Rugged Oversized Wheels

Equipped with extra-large (insert size) wheels strategically positioned for seamless navigation across challenging terrains. Glide through parking lots, sidewalks, roads, and even thick carpet with unparalleled ease, thanks to the incredibly robust wheels that ensure a hassle-free journey.

Extendable Handle for Convenience

The double roller bowling ball bag boasts a heavy-duty, extendable, and retractable handle, facilitating effortless transportation of two bowling balls during long walks. Thanks to its sturdy stand, you can also stand the bag upright with confidence.

Bonus Single Bowling Ball Bag

We offer a complementing single-ball bowling bag of the same design to add another ball. Players can also carry their bowling gloves, wristbands, apparel, etc., in a single bag. The small bag can be securely towed to the large bag for easy transportation. The long retractable handle is engineered to support the secure transport of the bags without any hassle.

Frequently asked questions

How much weight can a double bowling ball bag can hold?

Our bowling bags are designed to comfortably hold a standard-sized bowling ball along with shoes and accessories. The maximum weight capacity supported by our bag is up to 40 pounds.

Is the bag waterproof?

Our bowling bags are made with water-resistant materials to protect your bowling equipment from light rain or spills. However, they are not fully waterproof, so don't expose them to heavy rain or water.

How do you pack bowling in bags?

You will need to place clean bowling balls in the bag and tighten up the ball-holding straps to anchor the balls in their place. After adding your shoes or apparel to the bag, you can close it with a zipper.

How many balls can a bowling bag hold?

Our bowling bags can hold three balls: two inside the double bowling ball bag and a third ball towed in a small bag that comes complimentary in the same design and material.

Can I carry the bag on my back?

Yes! Our bags have strong straps, and you can pick the bag on your back if you don't want to roll it on wheels.

Customer Reviews

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Patience Padberg

FLEXTRO 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels PLUS Single Ball Bowling Bag

Cicero Ratke

I received the order from the seller. Very satisfied. Item as described, will order again.

Sven Langworth

Product is good but delayed due to customs It's been more than 60 days

Kelli Kuphal

I really liked it as a very nice photo, I recommend it thank you seller, it arrived before the date, thank you

Loyce VonRueden

FLEXTRO 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels PLUS Single Ball Bowling Bag