Debunking common bowling ball bag myths for first-time buyers

Debunking common bowling ball bag myths for first-time buyers

Bowling is a popular game that requires skill and strategy but provides a lot of fun. Buying the right bag to carry bowling balls comes with myths and misconceptions, especially for beginners.

Some people will suggest you buy a tote bag, and others might ask you to go with a bowling bag with wheels. It can be pretty confusing for first-time buyers to get the right bowling ball bag that fulfills their needs. Let us read this blog to debunk these myths and learn how to find the perfect bag for you.

Myth: Any Bag will do!

This is the first, and most untrue myth about bowling ball bags. You cannot just have any bag. A player needs to find a bowling ball bag as per their style, weight preference and comfort. A bag should also have up to the date design and color options.

Myth: Bowling bags with wheels are for tournament players!

Reality: Bowling ball bags with wheels are not necessarily for tournament players. They are designed in all sizes for the comfort of the players. A rolling bowling bag provides ease of transport and convenience to the player.

Myth: You should invest in a 4-ball bag or higher!

Reality: Beginners don't usually require more bowling balls for practice. So, your first bowling bag should be one with a 2 or 2+1 ball holding capacity. You don't really need to invest in a bigger bag until you feel like carrying more balls or traveling for your matches.

Myth: Shoulder bags are better than roller bags!

Reality: The choice between a shoulder bag and a bowling ball bag with wheels is easy. Bowling balls are heavy, and carrying them in a shoulder bag can be exhausting for players. Rolling a bowling bag doesn’t require much effort as compared to a shoulder bag. So, invest in a roller bag to save your energy for bowling practice and tournaments.

Myth: Any bag can accommodate multiple balls!

Using a bag that isn't equipped to handle the weight and size of multiple balls can damage both the bag and the balls. You cannot forcefully push three balls into a bag of two-ball capacity. A quality bowling ball bag comes with perfect space for each ball and a fastening belt to secure it in place.

Myth: Myth: All Bags Are Waterproof!

While many bags are waterproof, some are just water-resistant. It is essential to check specifications of a bag before buying it to make sure you are choosing right.

Myth: Expensive bags give higher performance!

Reality: It is true to expect higher quality with higher price. However, a higher price tag doesn't ensure better performance. The factors that give higher performance to a bag are quality material, design and maintenance.

Tips to buy a new bowling ball bag:

• The bag should be well stitched and made using durable material.
• Make sure the bag has extra compartments for accessories and shoes.
• The bag must have big rolling wheels to carry the weight effortlessly.
• The retractable handle needs to be long, foldable, and accessible.
• The carrying straps need to be wide and strong.
• It must be fashionable, functional and convenient to use.
• The bag must have resistance to the heavy weight of bowling balls.
• It should be easy to load and unload from the vehicle.


By debunking these myths and understanding the importance of choosing the right bowling ball bag for your needs, you can ensure the safety of your bowling balls and equipment. Flextro is a bowling ball seller that provides quality bowling bags with wheels. Our bags have quality zippers, large wheels, and extra compartments.

Our 2-ball bowling bag with a retractable handle and rolling wheels comes with a complementing single-ball bag. The single-ball bag can be towed with the 2-ball bag at the handle, allowing you to carry three balls in one go.

FAQ: Debunking Common Bowling Ball Bag Myths for First-Time Buyers

Q1 Can you buy a bowling ball bag online?

Yes, you can purchase a bowling ball bag online. It offers convenience and comfort, allowing you to find the perfect bag for your needs without leaving your home.

Q2 Are roller bowling bags drive-friendly?

Roller bowling bags are designed to be travel-friendly. Whether you're heading to the bowling alley or traveling to tournaments, roller bowling bags offer convenience and ease of transport.

Q3: Can I use any bag to carry my bowling balls?

No, not all bags are suitable for bowling balls. It's essential to choose a bag designed specifically for bowling balls, considering factors like weight preference, style, and comfort.

Q4: Are bowling bags with wheels only for tournament players?

No, bowling ball bags with wheels are designed for convenience and can benefit all players, not just tournament participants. They make transportation easier for players of all levels.

Q5: Are all bowling bags waterproof?

No, while many bags are waterproof, some are only water-resistant. It's essential to check the specifications of a bag before purchase to ensure it meets your needs.

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